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Future Projects

Next it’s Fantasy Book 3.

I passed 100 pages on the first draft and things are pretty tense already, well, for some of the characters at least.  The plot still is unfolding so even I don’t know exactly where I’m going, but going I am.   

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A Sequel to Shepherds

Already taking shape is the sequel to Shepherds.  Toivo and Olga face a new threat, one that gets personal.  Not sure when this will be released.  There is still a lot of work to get it up to what I’d want readers to see.

A Sequel to War Party

TW vacant house

A vacant house on a quiet residential street.  Who might be hiding in it?

What if Tommy had another vision?  What will he be able to do?  Who would he tell and what would happen?  The next “vision series” novel is taking shape, now over 200 pages ofdraft.  A plot, some new characters, and of course new insights into characters you said you liked from the first book.

A Foxworth Terminus sequel

What happens when the government figures out that Reggie is not dead?

I’ve though about a sequel  to Foxworth but honestly, the first book has received the coolest reception of any of my novels so this one is last on my list of projects and may never get done.


Lord of the Rings film site



On a trip to New Zealand, I found out that taking a quick side trip down a rural road led to this spot where they filmed this scene in the Lord of the Rings. Had to do it, had to snap this photo. I could almost see the Black Riders charging past.