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Here’s a dark fantasy you might like.  I haven’t read it all but the beginning is intriguing and well written and for now it’s free for a variety of e-readers.  Check it out.  Get the DarkFantasy Serial Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6) free via @ReneeScatts


We all have our favorites: books, movies, vacation spots, restaurants, just about anything and everything. Here, from time to time, I’m going to jot down some things you might want to check out yourself.

Here’s a book for everyone who likes stories about witches.  It’s called The White Raven by Carrie D. Miller and it is a fun, exciting read about a witch who is quite different from the standard Hollywood variety.  Check it out at this URL:


Combat Wizard by Jack L. Knapp – if you like psychic-scifi (my term not anyone else’s) you should appreciate this book.  URL to buy is

And if you like supernatural sea stories, you should look into The Pirate, a short story by Malcolm Torres at or any of his novels, Sailor Take Warning 0r Sailor’s Delight.

Another good author is K.A. Jordan and her paranormal/urban fantasy/ghost/murder mystery/romance, “Swallow the Moon.” I highly recommend it.  It is well written, keeps you turning the pages and guessing who really is the “good guy.” Here’s a link to make it easy for you to get a copy, either through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Enjoy.