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Limited Time Sale “War Party” is 99 Cents!

To celebrate my action-adventure thriller now being available on not only Kindle, but Nook, iTunes, Kobo and several other ebook outlets, it will be on sale. It has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Check it out and feel free to forward this to anyone who likes a good A-A novel.
Below are links to various outlets:

Shepherds Sale over and Fantasy book 3 update

The sale is over, the ebook version of “Shepherds” is back to normal price. The promotion went okay, sold a few that will hopefully generate a review or two. Thanks. Meanwhile, work goes on with fantasy book 3. Now well past 300 pages of the draft and a final direction seems to be taking place. We’ll see. Meantime you can get books 1 and 2 at the links below.

Shepherds – a reading by the author

The ebook version of Shepherds, my highest reader-rated novel, is going on sale for a short time.  To go along with the promotion, here is a video discussing the book and including a short reading from it.  It is just supposed to be fun for those who are fans.  Enjoy.

The ebook is available at:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002NGO2TO For Amazon.com http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002NGO2TO For Amazon.co.uk
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/shepherds-j-drew-brumbaugh/1108916200?ean=2940148551294&itm=1&usri=2940148551294 for NOOK https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id711489594 for Apple and https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/shepherds-1 at Kobo


Fantasy Book 3 Progress

The first draft of Book 3 is now over 250 pages. For me, it is the most difficult of the trilogy to write. Despite that, I hope it turns out to be the most fun to read. The difficulty arises from the challenges presented in book 3 by the two main characters, both women. In books 1 and 2 the good guys are easy to distinguish from the bad guys and there was no confusion about them. The reader liked the right characters from the beginning. Book 3 is different. The dark haired woman has a demon for a father yet was raised in a healthy nourishing environment that should have instilled strong ethical values. The lighter haired woman had wonderful biological parents but was taken from them at birth and raised to be the leader of the evil demonic realms in the West. Which basic side of either’s nature will win out? Who will the reader hope triumphs? Even I can’t say for sure as the book progresses. They both work their way into your heart and I feel for them both. What becomes of them? I guess I’ll find out when the book is finished.

Fall of the Western Kings Review

Fall of the Western Kings remains on sale for 99 cents (free to Amazon Prime members) for a few days more. Here’s a review from Goodreads that makes me feel like I didn’t do to badly writing this book.
Kristin gave it 4 stars and wrote:
“Fall of the Western Kings had a bit of a slow start, but made up for it by the end. There were elves, demons, dragons and mages. Plenty of action and some interesting relationships between the races, as well as some fascinating magical items.
I was particularly fond of the magic system. The combinations of incantations and movements that allowed the spells to work was interesting without being too complicated. I also was happy to see that they talked of magic backfiring. I’m never a fan of magic that comes too easily.
The antagonists in the book were varied and there were a few unpredictable twists that were engaging and intriguing.
One of my preferred things in a series, is where it leaves loose ends for the next book to build on, but doesn’t leave a huge, frustrating cliffhanger. This book did that well.
I will say, after the shaky start it ended up very engaging. It held my attention enough that I finished it in a day. If you like knights, sword-fighting, dragons and adventure, this is definitely a good choice.
I received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway. This had no impact on my review. “

Fantasy Book 3 update

I am writing regularly on book 3, though it seems to come to me in bits and pieces.  The first draft is now beyond 200 pages and gaining bulk daily.  The first major confrontation has been taken care of and the biggest complications are looming near at hand. There remain questions as to who will get inside the tower first and will they discover the secrets to the ultimate magic. If they do, what will having that power do to them? Absolute power corrupts absolutely, is the saying and yet there are examples where integrity and ethics won out – I think George Washington is an example. And now, back to writing.

Fantasy Book 3 update

Slowly working on fantasy book 3. The Tower at Tirumfall has been sealed for 10,000 years and legend says it holds the secrets to the most powerful magic ever. A mysterious key has appeared that might open that tower. Who will be able to use it and unlock the secrets within? Several people are determined to open the tower and not all of them are caring, humane individuals. More importantly, what will they do with that power and knowledge?  The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

War Party goes live on Amazon Prime

I’m happy to report that “War Party”one of my highest rated books is now available for free to Amazon Prime readers. It is mainstream suspense fiction, not scifi, not fantasy.  A terrorist plot is in the works and no one seems able to pinpoint the target.  Unless you count the Paiute Indian who saw the attack in a vision.  But who believes him?

Child of Evil trailer

Child of Evil, the 2nd book in my fantasy trilogy, was released yesterday and is on sale for 99 cents as an introductory offer.  The adventure started in Fall of the Western Kings continues and while Child of Evil follows the earlier book, you don’t need to read book 1 to read book 2.  With that release, a video trailer went live to go with it.  Here’s the link for that trailer.  Enjoy!