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Fantasy Book 2 “Child of Evil” fourth update

Progress continues and I’m now completed 60% of this revision. And this time I’m happy to say that I have not run into any major changes due to errors on my part during earlier drafts. The story line remains intact and our heroes are getting close to the climactic confrontation that will bring success or failure. However, the evil side has become aware of our heroes and is preparing them a very unpleasant welcome. Anyway, it won’t be long before the manuscript is ready for a beta reader or two. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll see print yet this Spring.

Fantasy Book 2 “Child of Evil” third update

Trudging onward, I am a little over a third done with the next revision and I’ve reached a spot where the first two fixes affect the action in a later chapter. If I want the story to be internally consistent I can’t leave things as they are. Dalphnia, Gant’s wife and a woodland nymph, is left at home with their son while Gant travels into the evil lands on a mission that won’t wait. She thinks she should have gone with him but woodland nymphs, at least in this world, are tightly bound to their forest and leaving her chosen domain isn’t all that easy. What should she do about it? Well, as some of you might remember from book one, she has a stone of freedom that she got from Abadis that allows her to go wherever she wants. That’s it, she gets her cousin to watch their son and with the stone in-hand she’s off to catch up to her husband. We’ll see if that works out well or not.

I hope this is the last major rewrite needed but then who knows what else I’ll get into as I go forward.

Fantasy Book 2 “Child of Evil” another update

As I continue working through the revision of the second book in the Tirumfall Trilogy, “Child of Evil,” I’ve found several places where the story does not hold together consistently. The latest faux pas again revolved around the rules for magic within this world.   Two wizards needed to have a quick conversation even though they were miles apart and while one of them could have transported to the other’s location that wears out wizards and requires resting and leads to other complications. What I really needed was for them to have a cell phone! Ugh, no such thing here. So what to do? After several days racking my brain for a way around the problem I finally came up with a viable solution. So as you might guess, that chapter has now been rewritten hopefully in a way that will give readers a feeling that the rules in this universe cannot be violated even by the author. If you wonder how I did it, you’ll just have to wait until the book comes out.

While I won’t give away much here, suffice it to say there are interesting ways to infuse mirrors with magic.  Not exactly a cell phone but there might be ways to make it fill in. And in this case Pris, the Emperor who is also a vastly improved wizard, learns about a new spell that he’d really like to add to his repertoire.  Unfortunately at this point in the story, there isn’t time for Abadis, his teacher, to teach him.  So, it’ll have to wait till later.

Book 2 update

I finished the second revision of book 2 in the Tirumfall Trilogy, “Child of Evil,” and began a more thorough editing and revision process (with some help from my faithful editor). I felt like I was making good progress toward getting this book ready for publication. BUT, as I started back at the beginning I came across a stupendous faux pas. Magic has rules, most of which have been clearly spelled out within the contents of these books and here I was, Chapter 2, totally breaking those rules. That cannot happen. So, back to the drawing board to fix it rewriting most of chapters 1 and 2.

In this particular case, Pris, the emperor-wizard who by now has gained a pretty good handle on using his magic, can transport instantaneously using the proper spell.  But, there are limits to how far any wizard can travel in a single jump and there are limits on how many such spells they can cast in a day without proper rest or they will deplete their own life force and either die or end up in a coma.  In Chapter 2, Pris needs to travel a long way and oops, violates all of those rules with impunity.  With that realization, Chapter 2 will be changed.  Even the author cannot violate the rules of magic.

Fall of the Western Kings update

After a very successful month of September that far exceeded my expectations, October has continued to see large numbers of new readers picking up and reading the book. I cannot thank those readers enough, and am glad to see reviews that prove that I’ve written a worthwhile fantasy adventure.

Now, since I’ve promised that this book is the first in a trilogy, I want to assure readers who’ve asked about the second book, that I am working on book 2 and fully expect to get it out by Spring of 2017. Having said that, I also want to assure readers that I will not just rush to publish so there’s another book without first polishing that manuscript until it is an even better read than book 1. I will try to provide regular updates so you can watch the progress right here. Here’s the first up date – a complete first draft of book 2 is done. The first couple of chapters have been through a first revision and about 2/3 of the book has been read with notes inserted. That’s all I can say now.

Thanks again for making Fall of the Western Kings a success.


What are reviews really worth?

During the launch of my new fantasy novel, Fall of the Western Kings, I was pleasantly surprised to see the book selling better than anything I’d ever written despite the fact that it had only 3 reviews and not a very good average rating. The first reviews were a 5 star, 4 star, and a 1 star. The 1 star reviewer did not have good things to say about the book and it was obvious that it was not their kind of story. Despite that poor initial response from readers, the book kept right on selling and has slowly gained more good reviews. The point is, those early reviews did not seem to affect sales.

And there’s more evidence that reviews may be overrated. With Fall of the Western Kings selling well that interest brought crossover purchases of some of my other books. And here is where it gets interesting because those crossover sales favored my poorest rated book. That defies logic. The only explanation I came up with is that potential readers really don’t look at the reviews or ratings. They must make their decisions from the book’s description not the reviews. Likely they look more for a plot line that interests them than what others have said about any of the books by a certain author.

So for what it’s worth, I am beginning to think having reviews may be important to promoters who want to offer the best deals and possibly help them feel that they are selecting the best books, but actual readers buy what catches their interest despite ratings and reviews.

You can check out the book here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JH0IKJG

Fall of the Western Kings launch news

So far Fall of the Western Kings is the best launch of any of my books. I hardly ever look at rankings but just noticed that this book has reached #61 in the Kindle store for epic fantasy. I never thought I’d get into the top 100 in any category, but hoorah, I did it. And the print version should be out within the next day or two. Thanks everyone.


FallofWesternKingsLayout002_Rev_005 Front Cover Only

New Release pre-order

Introductory ebook price 99 Cents

Fall of the Western Kings ebook will be released on August 21 and is available for pre-order at at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JH0IKJG right now.  As of this moment, it does not appear that a print version will be available anytime soon – production issues are not resolved and I don’t see it getting fixed quickly.FallofWesternKingsLayout002_Rev_005 Front Cover Only