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I write suspense novels either with a science fiction, fantasy or mainstream flavor. Unlike many authors who hit the reader between the eyes on page one, I like to introduce the characters, get the reader to know who they are reading about, learn to like or hate them and then tell the reader what happens to them. For me, if you don’t care about the characters why would you care what happens to them?
Currently I have six novels available through Amazon, B&N, Apple as e-books or as paperbacks. Four of them, “War Party”, “Bula Bridge”, “Fall of the Western Kings” and “Child of Evil” are free through KindleUnlimited.
Shepherds is a near-future science fiction story that involves murder and romance in the midst of the Pacific Ocean.
War Party tells the story of three characters, one a Paiute Indian boy who saw the attack in a vision, all chasing the sleeper cell bent on killing as many people as possible and getting away with it.
Bula Bridge is the sequel to War Party and continues the adventures of Tommy Galiwee and his friends.
Foxworth Terminus is another science fiction thriller about a scientist who discovers a way to unlock awesome psychic powers that put assassins after him and estranges him from his girlfriend.
Fall of the Western Kings and Child of Evil are the first two books in an epic fantasy trilogy. In the first book Gant and some friends must close the door to an evil dimension to stop the invasion of demons and their minions. In book two, a child is coming that will unite the demons and bring them victory over mankind. Again, Gant and a few friends have to do something to stop it.
I also have a collection of supernatural shorts titled Ten More and co-authored a children’s book, Girls Gone Great.
Next on my list of books to finish is the final novel in my sword-and-sorcery fantasy trilogy and since it is currently in first draft form only, I expect it will be some time before it’s ready to see print.
Here’s wishing you good things to read no matter what you like to read.

Here you’ll find links to my novels, excerpts from them, some background info on them and how they were written and a little bit about projects that are in the works.  If you are interested in getting notices of new releases, you can click on the BookBub button below and then click on the “follow” button in the upper right corner of my BookBub author page to get notices whenever a new book is coming out.  Also you can follow my FaceBook page at or on twitter at


To check out my latest release click on the title:

Bula Bridge

Fall of the Western Kings

My most popular novel, Fall of the Western Kings, remains available for free through KindleUnlimited.  It hit #37 on the epic fantasy list for Kindle sales.  Check it out at its own page.

Child of Evil

The exciting sequel to Fall of the Western Kings is available at Amazon both as an ebook (free through KindleUnlimited) and in paperback.  For details click on the cover below to visit the book’s page. There’s a trailer there too.  Enjoy!


An exciting, near-future science fiction novel set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that looks at the dying oceans and a possible solution.


War Party

A thrilling action/adventure novel filled with twists and turns as a terrorist plot unfolds that threatens to change rural America.


Girls Gone Great

Co-written by Carolyn B. Berg and J. Drew Brumbaugh

An illustrated collection of magical tales written for girls ages two to ten.


Foxworth Terminus

A wild science fiction novel full of murder and mayhem, and a little romance as well.  Click on the book cover to see more.