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war-party-coverA thrilling action/adventure novel filled with twists and turns as a terrorist plot unfolds that threatens to change rural America.

The exciting sequel to “War Party.” Tommy has another vision that terrifies him but with help from his girlfriend, Johanna, they’ll try to figure out what it means and how to prevent a catastrophe.


An exciting, near-future science fiction novel set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that looks at the dying oceans and a possible solution.  Olga, Toivo and Poika team up against drug smugglers set on killing them.

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Book 2 in the Ocean Cowboys series.  Another thrilling scifi ocean ride.

An illustrated collection of magical tales written for girls ages two to ten co-written by Carolyn B. Berg and J. Drew Brumbaugh.


A wild science fiction novel full of romance murder and mayhem.