A book you’ll want to read

From time to time I run across a real treasure.  Deep Naked by Riley Hill is one.  While the book is listed as YA, I think adults who enjoy this sort of story will find it a very good read.  There are places in this book that are so well written that it will bring lumps to your throat.  It has some of the best writing you’ll find anywhere.  Crystal, the main character, is a captivating young woman, one I rooted for at every turn, loved the way she grew as she learned more about herself, her family, and what might be possible.  She has powers that are undiscovered at the beginning of the book and while not mastered by the end, she certainly has learned a lot about herself and what she can do.  If you like time travel, mystic powers that come from somewhere outside the normal universe, aliens of a different kind, and lots of action with a touch of romance, you will really like this book.  I can’t wait for the sequel.  Here are links to buy either for Kindle or the print copy through Amazon.  Enjoy!