A New Blog for Readers

For those looking for suggestions and interesting, critical reviews of all kinds of books, here’s a brand new blog that you should check out. This one is special because it’s written by a 12-year-old girl who reads more books than anyone I know and has a very much adult outlook on the world. And she’s my granddaughter. On top of all that, her first blog about a book discusses my as yet unpublished fantasy novel, Fall of the Western Kings. From her comments you can see that she’s got her own mind and will tell you what she thinks, clearly and with enough information for you to decide if the book is something you’d want to read.  Also, you’ll note that she is careful not to fill her blog with spoilers.  She’s committed to a book blog once a week so check out what she’s done so far and visit her now and then to see what other books she talks about. Undoubtedly you’ll find something that interests you. https://caseyscorner10.wordpress.com/