A New Year Tradition

I did my traditional New Year’s Day viewing of all three extended-version Lord of the Rings movies.  I really like what Peter Jackson did with them, though as a long time fan of the novels there are parts he left out that I wish could have been included.  Oh well, I suppose the movies are long enough.  The single, most heartfelt theme running through these movies is friendship.  The main set of friends is Frodo and Samwise for sure, and then there are so many others.  The characters go through tough times and the friendships survive it all.  The reason this is so near and dear to me is that my traditional movie viewing started about six years ago when my best friend and I did the Lord of the Rings marathon together.  We started in the morning and stayed with it until we finished.  It was the last New Year’s celebration I got with him.  Again this year, I watched the hobbits struggle through Mordor and thought of Bob and what a treasure he was in my life.  I hope he’s watching somewhere and knows how important his life was.  If you have a good friend who you’ve lost, take a minute to reflect on what that person meant to you and be thankful you had time with them.