A Reader’s Request for the War Party sequel

During a discussion yesterday with a friend who reads all my books and is often critical, he asked what book I’m working on (he’s not on FB) and I said the sequel to “War Party”. He asked if he could make a suggestion. Gulp, okay, I said. Can you have more of the book be about Tommy? I liked him a lot but really didn’t need so much about the other characters. That was a surprise not just because I didn’t think Tommy was the kind of character he’d like but because Tommy was not originally supposed to be the main character in the book. He grew into my favorite character while I was writing. So, wish granted (I hope) because Tommy and Johanna do fill up the bulk of book 2. I hope others will agree that this is what they wanted to see.
And if you haven’t read “War Party” yet you can get it here:
http://hyperurl.co/06fkvo smart URL – Amazon by country link