A Real Craftsman

Some people would tell you that there are no real craftsmen left, that they’ve all been replaced by machine-made throw-away goods. Not true. Recently my wife and I decided it was time to have her grandfather’s ancient, wooden, hand-crafted rocking chair refurbished. It had a couple of broken spindles in the back, a split mid-seat and chew marks from our dog on the ends of the rockers. For sentimental reasons we decided to have the chair restored and went looking for someone who would do it with respect, care and talent. Right away it was evident that our search was not going to be easy. But we found the right man at Buckeye Furniture. His name is Deric Smith. After seeing what he did with that chair it is clear that he is a master craftsman, a man who repairs, restores and renews old furniture, the type of furniture that they don’t build anymore. Attached are photos of the before and after. The chair never looked better. Thanks so much, Deric.


rocker old

rocker refurbished