A Real Winter

Last year we sort of missed Winter.  It was such a weak excuse for winter that some people bemoaned the fact that we didn’t get a real winter.  Well, we’re getting one now.  We’ve hit negative 10 a few times, had inches on inches of snow, and cold, icy days strung together one after the other.  It’s a real Winter.  Now the lament is when will Spring get here.  But really, the beautiful white forest, (see photo of my backyard), the invigorating crunch of snow underfoot while walking the dog, the skiers, sledders, outdoor skaters, all make Winter such a fun time of the year.  I guess we just like to complain.  For me the only bad thing about Winter is the drive to work when the roads are crappy and half of that problem is the idiots who think they can still go 80 mph on an icy road because they have four wheel drive.  Great until they try to stop or slide sideways and then we can only hope they miss the rest of us as they crash.  So enjoy Winter while you can.  It’ll be gone before you know it.  I wonder what we’ll complain about then.

snowy day