A weekend trip serendipity

I took a trip to Finger Lakes region of New York state, specifically to Watkins Glen and the International race course. Cruising through rural areas (it was a road trip after all), we got turned around. Not having GPS the only thing I was sure of was that we were on the wrong road. So I backed into an empty gravel lot and looked at the map. That didn’t help. About then, a woman in a minivan backed out of a driveway and started to go around us. I flagged her down and asked if she could tell us how to get to Watkins Glen. She paused for a moment before saying, “You can follow me.” I did, for the next 20 miles. When we finally reached Watkins Glen, I waved thanks when she turned off on Franklin Street going the opposite direction. It was a reaffirmation to me that there are good people out there and somehow they show up when you need them. I owe someone a favor somewhere down the road.