An Unusual Short Story

JDB & the elopus story1The other day I got an email from a niece who asked for help getting an item for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. One of the items they needed was an original short story written by a published science fiction author that contained three items, Misha Collins, the Queen and an elopus. Oh and the complete story had to be 140 words or less. So being the good uncle that I am, I said sure, what’s an elopus? And who’s Misha Collins? She explained that an elopus is a cross between an elephant and an octopus and that Misha Collins is famous and has an organization that promotes random acts of kindness. Well, how could I refuse? So I wrote the story that follows and sent it to her along with the photo at the right showing both the story and the cover of my sci-fi book. I’ll say this, 140 words isn’t much. So, just for fun, here’s the story. Enjoy.


The Elopus and The Queen

By J. Drew Brumbaugh

Queen Elizabeth sat calmly on her portable throne near the bow of the converted Royal Navy destroyer. Misha Collins stood by her side amongst a crowd of security agents, an infectious smile on his face.

The Queen tilted her head to look at Misha. “Why are we doing this again?”

Misha swayed with the motion of the ship in the waves, stable despite the rocking, “To reward a most inspirational act of kindness, an act of sacrifice by a creature who has managed to remain undiscovered. An elopus who prevented a horrible collision between cruise ships.”

“Yes, that’s right,” nodded the queen returning her gaze seaward. “And I shall knight this creature. It is fitting and proper.”

And so, with all the world watching, the ship heaved to, and the queen knighted the strange beast.