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J. Drew Brumbaugh

A Reader’s Request for the War Party sequel

During a discussion yesterday with a friend who reads all my books and is often critical, he asked what book I’m working on (he’s not on FB) and I said the sequel to “War Party”. He asked if he could make a suggestion. Gulp, okay, I said. Can you have more of the book be about Tommy? I liked him a lot but really didn’t need so much about the other characters. That was a surprise not just because I didn’t think Tommy was the kind of character he’d like but because Tommy was not originally supposed to be the main character in the book. He grew into my favorite character while I was writing. So, wish granted (I hope) because Tommy and Johanna do fill up the bulk of book 2. I hope others will agree that this is what they wanted to see.
And if you haven’t read “War Party” yet you can get it here: smart URL – Amazon by country link

Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

Like many authors, I usually have more than one book idea rattling around in my head at a time. While I’m concentrating on finishing a sequel to “War Party” I also have been thinking about a far-future scifi novel that’s been in the drawer for a couple of years. If the setting is about 200 years in the future, what will human society be like especially if AIs are here in large numbers. I realize now that my first draft stuck too close to the usual drivel; AIs as robotic humans, hardly more than servants or mobile computers with perhaps more humanity built in than is likely. I’ve been trying to expand this whole idea because I’m sure things will change a lot more than that. Just think about how much things have changed in the last 50 years. What will AIs look like? Probably not people if they have anything to say about it. Will AIs create other AIs? What kind of relationship will they have with humans? As the author, I have already decided that it not be the outcome seen in “Terminator.” For me, I think the AIs will be more altruistic than that though really I’m having a hard time coming up with a reason why AIs would suffer humans at all. I think AIs will gradually take control of things; do all of the farming and manufacturing, run law enforcement, give humans a stipend to live on or maybe money will lose significance, and refuse to allow disruptive behavior that interferes with the logical, smooth and efficient operation of society. I think the AIs will have a much wider range of inputs or senses and likely they will see in other spectra, hear a much wider range including sonar, and have all sorts of interconnected data feeds though I think it will be through some sort of tunneling, quantum connections. Some AIs may wonder about the human concept of a soul and God, but I’m not sure what that means to them. These are just a few thoughts that I’m wrestling with. I’ll have to figure more of this out before I work on that book. What do you think?

War Party Sequel Progress Update

I am about 1/3 through what I hope is the final draft to the sequel to “War Party.” With any luck (well really just more work) it might even see print later this year. In the meantime, I still don’t have a title for it and can’t seem to come up with a catchy name for the series. Certainly Tommy is the main character and again a vision plays a big part in the plot. This time Johanna jumps to the forefront and becomes very important to both the plot and to Tommy. Some of the other characters you’ll remember from from book 1 do make appearances. I only hope that this book lives up to the expectations of readers since I’ve gotten some really good feedback on “War Party.” While these books are okay for young adult readers (some violence but less than on many TV shows) they are really more for adults.
If you haven’t read it, you can get it at these outlets: Kindle edition paperback edition…/1114707174…Nook edition Kobo edition Apple edition for Scribd

“Shepherds” gets another 5-Star Review

Every Author wants to connect with readers and yet we seldom get that chance. One way is through reviews but even those are generally few and far between for Indie Authors. So, imagine my surprise and delight to find that I just got a 5-star review on Amazon for my scifi action novel, “Shepherds.” And along with it was a detailed review that told me the reader had gotten all that I’d hoped to put in there. It made my day. If you want to see the review here is the link to the book where you can find all the reviews.

What’s In A Title

With fantasy book 3 set aside to ferment, I am working on the sequel to “War Party” and need to figure out what the title should be. Right now the working title is “Train Wreck” but I think it is both misleading and maybe gives too much away. Another thought is “The Bridge” though again that doesn’t really say much that would draw in those readers who are more likely to enjoy this book. Tommy is a main character in this book, and yes, again he will have a vision that gives him advance knowledge of a potential disaster. Unlike “War Party” this vision is not nearly so easy to determine where or when this is going to happen and so Tommy has to get resourceful about figuring that out. He does have help from friends and especially from Johanna. So without giving too much of the story away, I’m looking for possible titles, maybe even something that suggests that this is book 2 in a series. And if it’s a series, what should the series be called?

If you haven’t read “War Party” you can get it through the following sites: Kindle edition paperback edition Nook edition Kobo edition Apple edition for Scribd


Fantasy Book 3 First Draft Complete

The first draft of fantasy book 3 is done. Finally. I can’t say it all went exactly as I thought it would when I started but it seems consistent within itself and for now that’s all I can ask. Now to set it aside, take time to reflect on what I’ve written before starting to tear it apart and make it readable, exciting, and hopefully a good read. In the meantime, I’m going to pick up the second book in Tommy’s Vision series and really polish it up.

Limited Time Sale “War Party” is 99 Cents!

To celebrate my action-adventure thriller now being available on not only Kindle, but Nook, iTunes, Kobo and several other ebook outlets, it will be on sale. It has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Check it out and feel free to forward this to anyone who likes a good A-A novel.
Below are links to various outlets:

Shepherds Sale over and Fantasy book 3 update

The sale is over, the ebook version of “Shepherds” is back to normal price. The promotion went okay, sold a few that will hopefully generate a review or two. Thanks. Meanwhile, work goes on with fantasy book 3. Now well past 300 pages of the draft and a final direction seems to be taking place. We’ll see. Meantime you can get books 1 and 2 at the links below.

Shepherds – a reading by the author

The ebook version of Shepherds, my highest reader-rated novel, is going on sale for a short time.  To go along with the promotion, here is a video discussing the book and including a short reading from it.  It is just supposed to be fun for those who are fans.  Enjoy.

The ebook is available at: For For for NOOK for Apple and at Kobo


Fantasy Book 3 Progress

The first draft of Book 3 is now over 250 pages. For me, it is the most difficult of the trilogy to write. Despite that, I hope it turns out to be the most fun to read. The difficulty arises from the challenges presented in book 3 by the two main characters, both women. In books 1 and 2 the good guys are easy to distinguish from the bad guys and there was no confusion about them. The reader liked the right characters from the beginning. Book 3 is different. The dark haired woman has a demon for a father yet was raised in a healthy nourishing environment that should have instilled strong ethical values. The lighter haired woman had wonderful biological parents but was taken from them at birth and raised to be the leader of the evil demonic realms in the West. Which basic side of either’s nature will win out? Who will the reader hope triumphs? Even I can’t say for sure as the book progresses. They both work their way into your heart and I feel for them both. What becomes of them? I guess I’ll find out when the book is finished.