Best Editor Ever

Most authors do like their editors despite the awful stuff they feel compelled to tell us about our beautiful books.  We do realize that without our editors, the books wouldn’t be nearly as good.  And then on rare occasions, the editor makes a comment that fills us with bursting pride. Lately among other projects I’ve been working on a compiled Tirumfall Collection that contains all three books of the trilogy.  I don’t want it to be just the three books that are already published, so I am adding some bonus material, namely short stories that give more detail into the lives of some of the lesser characters.  So far, I have one done that goes with book 1.  And then I gave my editor a short story that goes with book 2 and unbelievably when she gave it back there were few red marks and she said, “I really like this one.”  Wait, editors don’t say that.  Made my day in a way that’s hard to explain.

Anyway, please remember if you are looking for an audio book for your iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, Shepherdsand Shela are both available at the Apple Bookstore.

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