Book 2 update

I finished the second revision of book 2 in the Tirumfall Trilogy, “Child of Evil,” and began a more thorough editing and revision process (with some help from my faithful editor). I felt like I was making good progress toward getting this book ready for publication. BUT, as I started back at the beginning I came across a stupendous faux pas. Magic has rules, most of which have been clearly spelled out within the contents of these books and here I was, Chapter 2, totally breaking those rules. That cannot happen. So, back to the drawing board to fix it rewriting most of chapters 1 and 2.

In this particular case, Pris, the emperor-wizard who by now has gained a pretty good handle on using his magic, can transport instantaneously using the proper spell.  But, there are limits to how far any wizard can travel in a single jump and there are limits on how many such spells they can cast in a day without proper rest or they will deplete their own life force and either die or end up in a coma.  In Chapter 2, Pris needs to travel a long way and oops, violates all of those rules with impunity.  With that realization, Chapter 2 will be changed.  Even the author cannot violate the rules of magic.