Book News

There’s nothing like having your books in a brick-and-mortar bookstore.  Fireside Books in Chagrin Falls, OH now has copies of Fall of the Western Kings, Shepherds and War Party.  If you’re looking for a copy of one of these, drop in and give your business to a local bookstore. And even if you aren’t looking for one of my books, pay them a visit anyway.  It’s a great bookstore.

And then there’s Half Price Books in Mayfield, OH where a friend saw copies of all three books of the Tirumfall Trilogy on the shelf sandwiched between Terry Brooks and Steven Brust (photo below).  Does that mean I’ve made the “big time” or just that someone got rid of my books? For anyone thinking of buying the trilogy, here’s a chance to get the complete set at a bargain price.

And several of my e-books are on sale in December for 99 cents, including War Party, Bula Bridge and Shepherds at various outlets.

Meanwhile, work continues on the third book in the Galiwee Visions Series. The first draft should be done by mid-January.  Stay tuned for updates.