Foxworth Terminus

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A science fiction, action suspense novel

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Foxworth Terminus Chapter 1

Reggie Foxworth, brilliant bio-chemist, has spent the last fifteen years working on a top secret government project to enhance paranormal brain function.  With success in sight, the project is being cancelled.  The CIA is pulling the rug out from under Reggie and everyone on the project.  So Reggie does what any disgruntled government-mistrusting citizen would do.  He takes the mind expanding drug himself before the CIA can spirit it away.

Initially, the physical consequences are not evident but as time passes Reggie finds out just how powerful the mind can be.  More like magic that science, Reggie finds that he can call down lightning, pillars of fire, construct walls of force that no Earthly power can penetrate.  These strange powers don’t go unnoticed and soon every government on Earth is out to steal the secret and eliminate Reggie as a threat, including his own. They send assassins, turn his friends against him, alienate his girlfriend, try anything to stop Reggie. How can he escape, end the attacks and find a way to win back the love of his life?