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5 Stars 
This futuristic sci-fi action thriller was full of unexpected characters and far out technology. The characters were sailors and cowboys and criminals but they were all out on the high seas on ships and boats. It was very unexpected. I liked it”


SHEPHERDS_frontcoverIn a world where genetically altered humans herd commercial tuna on the open ocean, Olga, a third-generation bio-engineered “shepherd” and two shipmates live aboard the Factory raft, Homestead. Commercial tuna farming has all but wiped out the wild fishing industry, so when Toivo Nurminen, an independent Finnish trawler captain, discovers a shepherd raft’s murdered crew, he suspects embittered fishermen. In radioing for help, he alerts the real killers, marking his ship for death. Injured and adrift, Toivo is rescued by the Homestead. When Homestead’s crew investigates other raft attacks they uncover a deadly drug operation. Despite emotional conflict, Toivo and Olga unite, and with their shipmates and dolphins, ingeniously fight against overwhelming odds.

In an oceanic range war setting, Shepherds explores humanity’s struggle with morality and science, organized crime, human rights and interspecies bonds. Bravery, love and loyalty cross all barriers in the battle against the age-old sins, greed, hate and betrayal to make this finely interwoven action adventure a bright dawning for our own future

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