Child of Prophecy

Book 2 of the Tirumfall Trilogy

Originally published as “Child of Evil” the sequel to “Fall of the Western Kings” is now available as “Child of Prophecy” as both an ebook or print version at Amazon.   The title and cover have changed but the text remains the same.  It is also available for free to through KindleUnlimited.  Below the cover is a live link.

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A short synopsis:

Rival demons control the lands west of the Monolith Mountains. As long as they quarrel among themselves, those living east of the mountains remain safe. But that is destined to change because of a prophecy that claims a child will be born who will unite the demons and bring destruction to the east.   Gant and his friends are the only ones who can prevent the catastrophe. Should they kill the child? Resolving this moral dilemma involves a perilous undertaking that places the world in jeopardy. While “Child of Prophecy” begins a few years after the end of “Fall of the Western Kings” it can be read as a stand alone.

And here’s the trailer for book as it was originally titled :

And an even better trailer for the revised titled book from ItsyBitsy: