Fall of the Western Kings

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Fantasy – The Tirumfall Trilogy

Like many authors with the Lord of the Rings as an inspiration, I am working on my own High Fantasy (Sword and Sorcery).  And like many of us who have been inspired by Tolkien, it has become a trilogy which I call “The Tirumfall Trilogy.”

The first book, Fall of the Western Kings, is a fantasy in the sword and sorcery tradition with its own unique twists and turns.  It covers the battle between kingdoms and the unlikely heroes who are pitted against the evil that threatens to consume their world. Gant is a blacksmith’s son, and as a commoner he isn’t allowed to learn swordsmanship.  He is anyway, in secret, and that’s where the trouble begins.  He inadvertently becomes an outlaw, trying to protect an innocent girl from rape by a nobleman.  He flees the Kingdom, leaving his family.  This leads to an adventure he could never have dreamed of and ultimately to his participation in the war.

Fall of the Western Kings got up to number 37 among fantasy ebooks on Amazon.  It continues to sell well.  It is available as an ebook (exclusively for Kindle) or a print version.  It is free on Kindle Unlimited.  Copies can be obtained at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JH0IKJG right now.

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Book two: Child of Evil

The ebook has been released.  For more info visit the Child of Evil page.

Book three: The Tower at Tirumfall Coming Soon

Book 3 tells of the quest for the ultimate magic which will tip the balance of power toward good or evil once and for all.