Bookstores Worth Visiting

There are a lot of independent bookstores around that need your business.  While not every bookstore has my books on their shelves, here are a few that do, at least right now.  And almost any bookstore can order my books.

In Ashtabula, Ohio, check out Pretty Good Books 4535 Main Ave.  

In Chagrin Falls, Ohio, stop in to Fireside Book Shop, 29 N. Franklin St.

In St. Louis, MO, go visit Spine Indie Bookstore and Café, 1982 Arsenal St.  Not just a book store but a fun café with multiple events every week.

At some of these you might have to ask for my books since they aren’t going to be on the best seller lists.  And whether you are interested in one of my books or not, these are great places to buy books.

If you can’t get there in person, you can always order almost any book through www.bookshop.org and credit your local independent book seller.