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No, this is not about Ukraine though I certainly am praying that they will be able to keep their country free from the Russians.

So, while anything I say won’t be nearly as important to the world, maybe there are some of you who need a respite.  In many ways, finding an escape from the stress of the real world is what good books are supposed to do.  If you’re still reading this, here’s what I’m doing as far as my writing.  

The first draft of book 1 in the new fantasy trilogy is done, not good but then first drafts aren’t expected to be good, just finished.  I’ve started book 2 and am happy to say that I’ve got a little over 10,000 words so far.  A long way to go, but it is taking shape.  I have no titles only calling them “Second Trilogy Book 1 or 2”.

Sales of the #GaliweeVisionSeries that was on sale during the month of February went well.  Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of either book and double thanks to anyone who bought both.  Even more thanks to those of you who posted a rating or review.  If you liked what you read, please tell your friends.

Lastly, Club Ink had their say about my FTL sci-fi submission this month.  My choice of AI geometry inspired a great cartoon and got me thinking about the interactions between AIs and the people that they have to interface with.  This is pretty sharp bunch and they made several really intriguing suggests.  More notes to put in the “What about this” folder.  But then back to the fantasy novel.

As always, I hope everyone stays well and finds some really great books to read – suggestions always welcome.