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Latest Projects

I try not to post too often.  On the other hand, I know there are people who want to know what I’m doing, what book is coming next, that sort of thing.  January has been a slow month in terms of accomplishing anything.  Another revision is complete on the Shepherds sequel.  One more read-through and I’ll start turning chapters over to my editor.  I hope she won’t find too many holes and the book will see print in the Spring.  No promises.  I still don’t have a title or cover and that’ll take some serious consideration.  Since it will be book 2 in a series, I’ll need a series name as well and have no idea what that might be.

At the same time, I’ve started working on a novel about the Tirumfall Wizards Guild: how the guild was formed, about guild’s internal power struggles, how the tower was built and why it was locked and deserted for so many centuries.  The three fantasy novels already out describe what happened much later but only hinted about the legend and the tower.  Some readers wondered how all that came to be.  So, now I’m going to share that story.  The initial book has a working title of “Becoming A Wizard.”  More on that as I make progress.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and enjoy whatever you are reading.

Book 1 in this new series.

First Post of 2021

I haven’t posted in a while partly because of the holidays and partly because I’ve been scurrying around checking off things on my “to do” list.  Some of that was for Christmas and some was work promoting my books.   I had hoped that as December ended, I’d see War Party pass one thousand sales (I know that’s not much if you’re on the NYT best seller list but a milestone for me nonetheless) and instead came up 1 book short at 999.  I’m sure sometime in 2021 that mark will be passed but it was a little deflating not to hit a goal that was so close.  

I also thought I had a chance to see each and every one of my books (not including the 3 pack of short stories) have at least one sale.  That would have been something unique because I have a couple of books that almost never sell.  But alas, that didn’t happen either.  It was nice to see the 2 books that usually don’t sell have sales, but one of my most popular books had zero, so, almost but no cigar.  

I am looking forward to 2021 and hope that new goals will appear and be reached.  I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but have set as my only goal for 2021 to see Shepherds 2 (I don’t have a title yet – that’s my working title) gets published.  After that, I’m hoping for more sales, more positive reviews, and more readers clamoring for sequels and more books.

Here’s hoping 2021 (as the Who recorded on their album Tommy “I think 21 is going to be a good year”) will be a good year for us all and that everyone who is looking for a great book to read will find it.  Maybe once in a while it’ll be one of mine.

Video Trailer for Child of Prophecy

My book tour with ItsyBitsy ended a while ago and my hat is off to the people there who generated some wonderful graphics and videos.  Not the least of which is this trailer that they did for Child of Prophecy, book 2 in the epic fantasy series the Tirumfall Trilogy.  Check it out.

And in case you’re interested in reading Child of Prophecy, it is on sale beginning November 15 until November 30, 2020 for 99 cents. Also free through KindleUnlimited.

A Fantastic Trailer for Fall of the Western Kings

Hi all.

Most of you probably know my fantasy trilogy, #tirumfalltrilogy has been on a blog tour. What you didn’t probably know, and neither did I, was that Itsy Bitsy Book Bits Promotions & Author Services put together a pretty neat video trailer for each book. Here’s the one for book 1, Fall of the Western Kings. I’d also have to give a shout out to Bill Brumbaugh for the video he put together back when Fall of the Western Kings came out as a new release.

Makes me want to read the book. Enjoy!

The Agony and Ecstasy of a New Release

It takes a lot of work to get a book ready for publication.  Sure, it has to be written and since that first draft will be mostly crap there are numerous rewrites.  So, in essence the book will be written multiple times.  And then comes the editor, with corrections, additions, and suggestions, and with a bit of luck, an acceptable final draft results.  Meanwhile, a cover has to be designed and the title decided.  Then the full package gets formatted into a book.  Finally, comes release day and the thrill that goes with seeing all that work end up as a book that someone will buy, read, cherish – or not.  Now as an author, you wait for those first reviews, biting your fingernails.  Will anyone like the book?  You can only hope, and there’s no telling until those first brave readers post their opinion of your creation.  That’s me today, sitting in agony waiting for my newest release, Key to Tirumfall, to get its first review.  Fingers crossed.

Trilogy Update

Well now I’ve put my foot in it.  I am committed to a release date for the third and final novel in the Tirumfall Trilogy, Key to Tirumfall (yes that will be the title).   October 15th is the date.  Ugh, what was I thinking?  I am now at page 488 on the final edit which leaves about 50 pages to go, pages that I have to finish revising, my editor has to go through, that I’ll need to finish changing whatever she suggests, and then a proof copy with cover (which is not done yet) and then last-minute changes before it is released.  I am not asking for sympathy, heck, I’ve put this on myself.  Still, it seemed like I had plenty of time when I agreed to the date but now it doesn’t seem like much time at all.  Which means I need to stop writing posts and get back to writing the novel.

In the meantime, I hope everyone finds something really good to read.  Maybe even take a look at books 1 and 2, Fall of the Western Kings and Child of Prophecy.


The series can be found here:


Stay healthy.

Title Change

For a long time, I’ve wanted to change the title of “Child of Evil” to “Child of Prophecy” and at least for the ebook, now it’s done.  The cover is the same except for the title itself and the text remains unchanged.  No one who has already read “Child of Evil” should rush out to buy “Child of Prophecy” thinking it’s a new book.  It is not.

Unfortunately, changing titles on the print version is not so easy and in fact has not happened yet. Because of the issues with the print book, for the foreseeable future, there will no longer be a print version of this one.  With my focus on getting book 3 of the trilogy published, there’s no time to mess with a print book that hardly sells.  Maybe later I’ll get that fixed too.

In the meantime, I hope everyone finds lots of good books to read.  Don’t forget to post reviews.

Book Reviews

Hi everyone.  I felt compelled to remind readers, mine or anyone else’s, that for the indie author, reviews are extremely important.  Admittedly that’s not true for Stephen King or James Patterson since I doubt they even read all of the thousands of reviews they get.  But for lower list authors, especially indie authors, reviews can make or break a book.  I know it takes time to post a review, but it doesn’t have to be a long review.  Even a single sentence along with a rating helps.  Now to the point, many of you have seen my recent posting about the short story anthology written during the pandemic titled “Writers In Lockdown”.  Likely there are a few of you out there who bought a copy and read it.  This book needs reviews and you can help.  So please, if you read the book, go to Amazon and post an honest review.  It’ll help the book and the long list of contributing authors.  Thanks.

While you’re at it, if you feel like it, you could always post a review of one of my books, assuming you’ve read any of them.

And if you haven’t bought a copy of “Writers In Lockdown” you can get it here

Key to Tirumfall reading

Finally, here’s the reading taken from the middle of “Key to Tirumfall” that I promised a while back.  I hope it’s what you readers were looking for.  The book likely will still get published before year end, though no release date has been set.


Writers in Lockdown edited by Faith Jones – a review

This is a wonderful collection of short stories made all the more amazing because all of them were written within the span of about 60 days while much of the world was confined to home.  Since each author had total freedom to write whatever they wanted, this is an eclectic collection and only a few of the stories are connected to the corona virus pandemic.  Just about every genre you can think of is represented and there isn’t a clinker in the lot, though there were one or two that I thought could be longer works because the ending left enough unsaid that I didn’t think the story was over.

I won’t comment on my own story or that of either family member who also had stories included.  Here are thoughts on a few that I especially liked.

“Trout Ticklers” was a great start to the book.  The whole idea of being able to tickle a trout set my imagination on overdrive.  Having spent time trout fishing in various streams, this one hooked me from the beginning.

I loved “Mad Language Broadcasting.”  The premise and conclusion were so unique and the story well told, that I couldn’t help chuckling throughout.  Well, done.

“Oberbootsmann Becker” was for me one of the very best, a brutal take on war so well written that my stomach was churning as I read it.  And the ending – well no spoilers – fitting and mind blowing.

“Lockdown Hero” was a cute story that reminded us of the good-news stories that have come out of the pandemic.  People doing things to help others without expecting even a thank you.  Inspiring.

“Something the Matter with Alpha Centari” reminded me a lot of scifi from a past era and though I did see the ending coming, it was a fun read.

“Digital Nomad” was another one that I liked, not for any particular reason, just because I found it entertaining and the character kind of likeable in an offbeat way.

“The Aviary” was interesting though again I saw the ending coming.  Still written well enough to keep me reading and not feel cheated when the story ended as expected.

And there’s “A Glorious Piece of Chocolate Cake.”  Short, quick to the point and just plain fun.

All in all, this book has got to be one of the better collections of short stories that’s come out recently. A huge kudo to the editor, Faith Jones.  I don’t know how she managed to put together such a professional collection in such a short time.

Grab your own copy at