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What’s Happening

The ebook version of “War Party” is on sale until the end of the month for 99 cents.  It’s been a great run with this sale.  The book jumped over 750,000 spots on Amazon’s ranking, not bad for something that’s been out for a while.  More important is the new readers that I hope will enjoy the book and look for more of Tommy’s adventures or any of my other books.

Other news:

As far as I know, the paperback edition of “Bula Bridge” can still be purchased at Carlisle’s Home in the Harbor on Bridge Street in Ashtabula.

And both “War Party” and “Bula Bridge” are available at Loganberry Books on Larchmere in Shaker Heights.

Happy reading to everyone.

Local Authors Event

Friday, January 10, 2020 I had the pleasure of attending the Author’s Night at Stella’s Art Gallery.  I had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be one of the best book selling/signing events that I’ve been to.  The place was packed and it was so much fun talking to people who like to read (most of those I asked prefer actual books over ebooks – yeah).  “Bula Bridge” generated a lot of fun discussion about Ashtabula and the Railroad Disaster because there were a lot of people from the area familiar with that tragedy.  I sold enough books to make a profit (hardly ever happens at these things for me) and handed out nearly 80 bookmarks.  A highlight for me was when I handed a young woman one of the bookmarks, she looked at it, pointed to the “War Party” cover and said, I know that book.  I just put it away at the library where I work.  Another highlight was meeting and having a nice discussion with a fellow fantasy writer.  All in all, it was well worth going.  I hope I hear back from some of the people who bought books.

My table at the event.

Support Local Creativity in Mentor

There are many good authors living in the Mentor area and it is often difficult for those same writers to get much recognition locally.  However, there are some venues made-to-order for local authors and one such event is coming up soon.  I’m excited about this event; I’ll be there and I hope many of you will join me to show your support for the arts in Lake County.

It is the Author’s Night at Stella’s Art Gallery, 8500 Station Street, in the old Matchworks Building in Mentor.  In addition to local authors, there will be various artists displaying their black-and-white artwork.  This event runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and details may be found on Facebook at: .

Come and meet other local authors, talk to them about writing, and perhaps even buy one of their books.  (On a personal note, I’ll have copies of my latest book ”Bula Bridge” set in Ashtabula, available for your perusal.)  It should be a fun evening so stop by and say hi.  Your presence will give local artists a much-needed boost of encouragement to continue their craft.

Fantasy Book 3 and the editing process

Fantasy Trilogy News

Now that the blog tour is over it’s time to get back to editing, revising and finishing book 3 in the fantasy trilogy that started with “Fall of the Western Kings” and continued with “Child of Evil.”  I got through the first five chapters pretty well and even my editor didn’t find much that needed fixed.  I was all smiles.  And then came chapter 6.  Gutted and put on a spit!  That’s how it felt when I saw the questions, comments, and suggestions for improvement when I got it back.  I took a moment to catch my breath, read what she had to say and realized she was right.  I rewrote the chapter and turned it back over to her and now wait for her comments.  In the meantime, I got through chapter 7 and sure hope it does better at the editor’s than 6.

Soon I plan to post a short reading from book 3 as an exclusive here on my website.  Look for it.

Shaping characters and how they can/do take over the story

I think anyone who writes novels will admit that characters do take over the story.  When I start a novel I usually have a few of the main characters in mind and a general plot idea.  But as the story grows, the characters start to demand their own outcomes, their own actions, and sometimes demand to move into the limelight instead of being relegated to minor status.  For example in “Fall of the Western Kings” Dalphnia, a woodland nymph with the power to enchant men was originally only supposed to be the foil that stopped Gant from being able to go after the demon lord Varg.  Instead when he broke her spell and left she was not happy sitting on the sidelines.  She was in love (not nymphonic love that is mostly one-sided, but human love) and she went to get him back.  Thus she became one of the strongest characters in the story! Here’s a link to a short video dealing with Dalphnia.

And here’s an excerpt from “Fall of the Western Kings” chapter 36 where we see her putting  some of her abilities to good use.


She wasn’t far from Blasseldune when the trees brought a different message, of men camped beside the road, several of them, with a campfire (trees always took note of fires) and horses tied nearby.

Gant, thought Dalphnia, and in her excitement, she rushed headlong into the camp without asking the trees if these men carried swords of power. She stopped in the dim circle of the dwindling campfire, having run so swiftly and silently she’d passed the lone sentry without an alarm. One look around and she realized her mistake.

There were six large, bushy bearded, armed men cast around the fire like sticks dropped by high winds.  Before she could duck back into the forest, the guard shouted a warning.  Several of them leaped to their feet, coming immediately to a half-crouch, swords drawn. They had her surrounded.

“What ‘ave we got here?” roared the largest one, brandishing his sword.

“Looks like just what we was lookin’ for,” said another, and lunged at her, his thick fingers eagerly grasping for her arm.

There was no time to exert her influence on these men.  She dodged the initial rush and tried to push off a second attacker.  Before she could escape she was tackled from behind. The force slammed her to the ground, knocking the wind out of her.  She fought to get a breath.

“I’m first,” growled the leader, and he shoved the other man off of her.  Roughly he clawed at her shoulder, rolling her over to face him. Her knees came up reflexively, but he thrust his hairy arms between them forcing her legs apart.

“Stop,” she hissed, “or else!”

“Or else what?” laughed one of the men in the circle.

Trees, she thought.  I need help.  She reached out using the empathy she had with trees to the nearest oak and the 80-foot tall tree responded. A three-inch thick limb swooped down shattering the skull of the man on top of Dalphnia.  Blood and brains splashed across the carpet of dead leaves beside Dalphnia. He was dead before he fell over.

Another limb caught the man next to him in the chest knocking him over backwards. He yelped in pain and rolled away from the tree.

“What the ‘ell’s happenin’,” snapped one of the assailants.

“Th-the tree hit ‘em,” managed another.

Dalphnia was on her feet. The remaining men cowered away, their eyes glued to the trees.

“Hey, didn’t mean no harm, just ‘avin’ a little fun,” said one, his forced smile ripe with fear.

“Fun for whom?” she growled. “I suggest you learn how to treat a lady.”

“Yes, m’m. We’ll be rememberin’ that.”

“I’m sure you will.”

With that Dalphnia raced back into the woods, remembering to ask the trees specifically about swords with strong magic.

War Party & Bula Bridge at Logenberry Books

I am happy to announce that as of Friday, October 11, the two books in the Galiwee Visions series (War Party and Bula Bridge) are available at Logenberry Books.  If you haven’t visited Loganberry Books before, you’re in for a treat.  The staff is friendly and they know their books, which they have lots.  The last time I was in there I got a tip about a book, bought it and am really glad I did.   You can find this fabulous bookstore at 13015 Larchmere Blvd in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Writing A Fantasy Trilogy

While the blog tour for “Fall of the Western Kings” slogs on questions come up regarding where the ideas came for the book, now trilogy, and how I wrote it. So, here’s a short video describing the fantasy from the beginning with some insight into how I do things when I’m working on a book.

Blog Tour News Day 4

It’s day 4 and the fantasy blog tour for “Fall of the Western Kings” is going strong.  Lots of people checking things out, dropping a comment, and entering the giveaway.  But the tour is at different blog sites every day.  So how do you find the tour?

Here’s a video showing how I went looking for the tour.

Or you could visit Silver Dagger Tours and find the schedule for the tour.

Fantasy Novel Blog tour

The tour starts today!  Yikes, and I don’t really know what I’m doing.  They tell me it’ll be fun, that I’ll get to interact with bloggers and readers and maybe another author or two. The tour highlights the two books in my epic fantasy series, “Fall of the Western Kings” and “Child of Evil.”  It starts today and runs through October 26th.  There’s a giveaway too – an Amazon gift card so be sure to sign up to win that.  During the tour please stop by some of the blog spots and add a comment.  I’ll be checking in from time to time so leave a question and I’ll try to answer it.  The whole thing kicks off here where you can sign up for the giveaway and find links to all of the blog stops.   Check it out.