Fall of the Western Kings Review

Fall of the Western Kings remains on sale for 99 cents (free to Amazon Prime members) for a few days more. Here’s a review from Goodreads that makes me feel like I didn’t do to badly writing this book.
Kristin gave it 4 stars and wrote:
“Fall of the Western Kings had a bit of a slow start, but made up for it by the end. There were elves, demons, dragons and mages. Plenty of action and some interesting relationships between the races, as well as some fascinating magical items.
I was particularly fond of the magic system. The combinations of incantations and movements that allowed the spells to work was interesting without being too complicated. I also was happy to see that they talked of magic backfiring. I’m never a fan of magic that comes too easily.
The antagonists in the book were varied and there were a few unpredictable twists that were engaging and intriguing.
One of my preferred things in a series, is where it leaves loose ends for the next book to build on, but doesn’t leave a huge, frustrating cliffhanger. This book did that well.
I will say, after the shaky start it ended up very engaging. It held my attention enough that I finished it in a day. If you like knights, sword-fighting, dragons and adventure, this is definitely a good choice.
I received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway. This had no impact on my review. “