Fall of the Western Kings update

After a very successful month of September that far exceeded my expectations, October has continued to see large numbers of new readers picking up and reading the book. I cannot thank those readers enough, and am glad to see reviews that prove that I’ve written a worthwhile fantasy adventure.

Now, since I’ve promised that this book is the first in a trilogy, I want to assure readers who’ve asked about the second book, that I am working on book 2 and fully expect to get it out by Spring of 2017. Having said that, I also want to assure readers that I will not just rush to publish so there’s another book without first polishing that manuscript until it is an even better read than book 1. I will try to provide regular updates so you can watch the progress right here. Here’s the first up date – a complete first draft of book 2 is done. The first couple of chapters have been through a first revision and about 2/3 of the book has been read with notes inserted. That’s all I can say now.

Thanks again for making Fall of the Western Kings a success.