Fantasy Book 2 “Child of Evil” another update

As I continue working through the revision of the second book in the Tirumfall Trilogy, “Child of Evil,” I’ve found several places where the story does not hold together consistently. The latest faux pas again revolved around the rules for magic within this world.   Two wizards needed to have a quick conversation even though they were miles apart and while one of them could have transported to the other’s location that wears out wizards and requires resting and leads to other complications. What I really needed was for them to have a cell phone! Ugh, no such thing here. So what to do? After several days racking my brain for a way around the problem I finally came up with a viable solution. So as you might guess, that chapter has now been rewritten hopefully in a way that will give readers a feeling that the rules in this universe cannot be violated even by the author. If you wonder how I did it, you’ll just have to wait until the book comes out.

While I won’t give away much here, suffice it to say there are interesting ways to infuse mirrors with magic.  Not exactly a cell phone but there might be ways to make it fill in. And in this case Pris, the Emperor who is also a vastly improved wizard, learns about a new spell that he’d really like to add to his repertoire.  Unfortunately at this point in the story, there isn’t time for Abadis, his teacher, to teach him.  So, it’ll have to wait till later.