Fantasy Book 2 “Child of Evil” third update

Trudging onward, I am a little over a third done with the next revision and I’ve reached a spot where the first two fixes affect the action in a later chapter. If I want the story to be internally consistent I can’t leave things as they are. Dalphnia, Gant’s wife and a woodland nymph, is left at home with their son while Gant travels into the evil lands on a mission that won’t wait. She thinks she should have gone with him but woodland nymphs, at least in this world, are tightly bound to their forest and leaving her chosen domain isn’t all that easy. What should she do about it? Well, as some of you might remember from book one, she has a stone of freedom that she got from Abadis that allows her to go wherever she wants. That’s it, she gets her cousin to watch their son and with the stone in-hand she’s off to catch up to her husband. We’ll see if that works out well or not.

I hope this is the last major rewrite needed but then who knows what else I’ll get into as I go forward.