Fantasy Book 3 and the editing process

Fantasy Trilogy News

Now that the blog tour is over it’s time to get back to editing, revising and finishing book 3 in the fantasy trilogy that started with “Fall of the Western Kings” and continued with “Child of Evil.”  I got through the first five chapters pretty well and even my editor didn’t find much that needed fixed.  I was all smiles.  And then came chapter 6.  Gutted and put on a spit!  That’s how it felt when I saw the questions, comments, and suggestions for improvement when I got it back.  I took a moment to catch my breath, read what she had to say and realized she was right.  I rewrote the chapter and turned it back over to her and now wait for her comments.  In the meantime, I got through chapter 7 and sure hope it does better at the editor’s than 6.

Soon I plan to post a short reading from book 3 as an exclusive here on my website.  Look for it.