Fantasy Book 3 Progress

The first draft of Book 3 is now over 250 pages. For me, it is the most difficult of the trilogy to write. Despite that, I hope it turns out to be the most fun to read. The difficulty arises from the challenges presented in book 3 by the two main characters, both women. In books 1 and 2 the good guys are easy to distinguish from the bad guys and there was no confusion about them. The reader liked the right characters from the beginning. Book 3 is different. The dark haired woman has a demon for a father yet was raised in a healthy nourishing environment that should have instilled strong ethical values. The lighter haired woman had wonderful biological parents but was taken from them at birth and raised to be the leader of the evil demonic realms in the West. Which basic side of either’s nature will win out? Who will the reader hope triumphs? Even I can’t say for sure as the book progresses. They both work their way into your heart and I feel for them both. What becomes of them? I guess I’ll find out when the book is finished.