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Fantasy Novel Update 10

Almost every book has some loose ends to wrap up after the big climax. It is one of the things I liked a lot about Tolkien’s “Return of the King”. The hobbits had to go back to the Shire, find out how bad it had gotten and set things right. I was disappointed that the movie didn’t follow the books all the way to the end. Now I’m at the end of my own fantasy novel, just finished the last 2 chapters, the last tying up loose ends. And much like the end of Tolkien’s trilogy, there are things in Fall of the Western Kings that shouldn’t be left hanging. If other readers are like me they want to know what happens when the main (or is it surviving) characters get home. And so I intend to wrap things up sufficiently that readers will all feel they got the full story. We’ll see how I did once it gets published.

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