Fantasy Novel Update 11

And now the cover. My designer sent over three possibilities, all of which were good, though I thought there were pieces of each design that I liked more than other pieces. Could a bit of this be put in place of something else and a new design that combined the best parts of each original draft be produced? Maybe, maybe not, we’ll see. But that got me thinking, what makes a good cover, what draws readers to select a certain book over others? That’s the question I really wanted to answer so off to the bookstore I went and looked at dozens of fantasy novel covers. Crap, that hardly helped because the covers are all over the map, some dark, some colorful, some have people prominently displayed, others don’t. In the end, I’ll have to figure out what draws my attention and get a design that I like and hope it grabs readers. What do you think?  What would make you pick up a book based on its cover?