Fantasy Novel Update 9

Well chapter 43 is done. This time the writing in and of itself wasn’t so bad but this chapter is the classic confrontational battle, good versus evil, the main antagonists matched up to the death. If there was only one character against one other character it wouldn’t be nearly as difficult to keep things straight, make sure the text gives the reader a clear picture of who is doing what and where the various characters are in relation to each other. BuCastleonahillt that’s not what I have. There are multiple characters on both sides and they are battling in a tower room with a gate to the dark realms right in the middle of the room, a portal that the good characters must avoid or they’ll be swallowed into hell (well not literally hell as we might think of it but certainly a hellish place). Reading through what I had written it became clear that spatial relations were not well tracked. I concluded that was because the picture of things in my mind wasn’t as clear as it needed to be. So, bring out the role-playing figures, draw the tower room on a double sheet of paper, put the figures in place and track the action in 3D. I think it worked.


The proof will be once readers get the book and then I am sure they’ll let me know.