Fantasy Update 5

Within every fantasy world there is magic.  We all love it, the wizards and wizardesses who can do amazing feats just by casting a spell.  But within every fantasy world there has to be limits to the magic otherwise the mages would rule everything and armies would be useless and nonexistent and pretty much we wouldn’t have any other heroes.  So, what are those limits?  Every author has to decide for their world.  In particular the last few days I’ve been thinking about a wizard’s ability to transport from place to place instantaneously using magic.  Distance and what or how much can be so transported are the parameters that seem to place reasonable limits.  Having reviewed what is in the book and coming to conclusions about that magic of course meant that sections needed revised because whatever those rules are they have to be consistent throughout the novel.   More fixes done but not it specific page count.  Now to move on.