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Foxworth Terminus available for pre-order

Foxworth Terminus as an ebook is now in the pre-order stage which means you can order a copy prior to the release date. The release is scheduled for Monday, November 24th.  If you pre-order you’ll be sent a copy on release day. You should know that the ebook is exclusively available for Kindle through Amazon and, if you are a Prime member, it will be available through their select process. If you pre-order the book you will get it at the earliest possible moment.  The print version will also be released on Monday, November 24th but cannot be pre-ordered.  Below is a link to pre-order.

If you do read the book, please submit a rating and review at both Amazon and Goodreads. 002_Terminus002B_ FrontOnly_Final_Rev001Reviews really help authors.


J. Drew