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Free Chapters – War Party Sequel


For those who asked, the sequel to War Party is taking shape. Well, at least there is a general plot, a cast of characters, many of whom you’ll know from War Party, several chapters of rough draft, and a working title, Train Wreck. As the drafts get polished and chapters are completed (or at least closer to final form) I will email the chapters to subscribers for comments and ideas. So if you want in on the pre-publication fun (telling an author what you think should be changed when it isn’t actually too late to change it could be good for a few laughs), sign up at this link. The first chapter will be on its way sometime early in March.

And if you haven’t read War Party and want to check it out, here are links:   Kindle edition paperback edition Nook edition Kobo edition Apple edition for Scribd for inktera (Page Foundry)