Future Projects

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Fantasy Pre-quel to Tirumfall Trilogy

The Tirumfall Trilogy continues to be my best selling set of books.  At the end of the series, the tower is finally opened (spoiler alert) and some of the history is revealed.  However, who built the tower, why it was deserted and what happened to the wizards who lived there is not explained.  That led me to decide that I wanted to tell their story and it appears that this will end up being a second trilogy.  The first book in this series tells the story of a young man, Koronus, who finds that he has a talent for magic.  Which is good because he doesn’t seem to have any other talents, at least none that his father can appreciate.  It tells about his struggles, his drive to learn magic, and the unusual circumstances that take him to Tirumfall to seek admission as an apprentice in the Tirumfall Guild.  I have about 230 pages of the first draft and will continue to work on it steadily until done. This will be a while before it sees the light of day, but I hope it is going to be more fun to read than anything I’ve done so far.

A Space Odyssey Scifi Novel

Most of you who stop by here know already that I like science fiction as well as fantasy.  Some time ago I wrote the first draft of a FTL scifi novel about an expedition to a cold, airless world that had a number of cyclone-like storms, which of course, is impossible.  I put that draft away in a drawer and while I’ve thought about it now and again, I haven’t done anything except think about ways to advance the science well beyond anything current.  That is until I recently joined a writers group, Club Ink, and as a prompt wrote a new beginning to that story that took an entirely different slant.  It was supposed to be just an exercise, but, ha, now it’s got my attention again and bit by bit I will be working on it.

Lord of the Rings film site


On a trip to New Zealand, I found out that taking a quick side trip down a rural road led to this spot where they filmed this scene in the Lord of the Rings. Had to do it, had to snap this photo. I could almost see the Black Riders charging past.