Getting Closer

As the release date for the sequel to Shepherds gets closer and closer, I think it’s finally time to give the book a name.  Shela, that’s the title.  Just to be clear, I pronounce it as if it was spelled Sheila even though it’s spelled differently.  We all know how crazy parents spell their kid’s names in unusual ways just to throw us off the scent.  Well, me too.  Anyway, the first proof copy of Shela has been reviewed, and heck yes, there were typos, formatting issues and the usual print problems that are now well on their way to being resolved.  The typos and changes to the text were actually the easy part of it.  Formatting issues for printing, font problems, and cover layout stuff, were all much more challenging than the manuscript.  I am hopeful that it will be released November 1, 2021, though please don’t hold me to that because at this point it’s only a guess.

For those who follow these posts, the goal for the next post is to show everyone the cover (one I really like) and to be able to announce the book is ready for pre-ordering.  I just hope that there are no unforeseen snags that prevent that.  Thanks for you patience.

All the best and hoping you find great books to read.