Going on a Blog tour

Yes, that’s right, I’m going on a blog tour even though I’ve never done one and really don’t know how they work.  I guess I will find out.  The tour will highlight the two books in my epic fantasy series, “Fall of the Western Kings” and “Child of Evil.”  The tour starts September 26thand runs through October 26th. During the tour I’ll be dropping in on some of the blog spots and adding a post here and there.  I’ll be letting readers in on things about the series and about me that I haven’t shared before.  If anything I hope it’ll be fun for the bloggers, their subscribers, and me.

Right now the tour is being set up and if you’re a blogger who might be interested in getting in on it, here’s a link to sign up.  There are giveaways and incentives for bloggers to be part of it so check it out. https://www.silverdaggertours.com/tour-sign-ups/fall-of-the-western-kings-tour-sign-ups