Holiday Thoughts

As this holiday season approaches I have been wondering if we’ve lost the real meaning of Christmas.  This is not to slight or detract from other religions or winter holidays or celebrations, it is just my personal perspective.  In my mind love, sacrifice and helping those less fortunate are the teachings of Christ.  We can debate Government programs at some other time as I know there are all manner of opinions on the subject pro, con and neutral, things such as welfare state, abuse of the system, people who are hurting through no fault of their own, lost jobs, health issues and no insurance, low paying jobs that don’t provide minimum needs, etc.  Instead of trying to decide what the government should or shouldn’t do, think instead about what you can do.  I bet each of us knows someone who is hurting right now through no fault of their own.  Someone who is doing everything they can to make ends meet and can’t get it done.  Maybe they are out of work or maybe they are working a job that doesn’t pay enough to meet essential needs, maybe they have health issues.  Regardless of why they are in their situation please, help them.  Pick one person or family you know that really needs help and do something for them.  Something personal.  Sending a check to a charity does not count.

Merry Christmas to everyone.