Indie Novels – Good or Bad?

These days almost anyone can become indie published.  Well, you do have to write a book but after you have a manuscript, publishing can be done without the benefit of a single gatekeeper; no editor, no agent, no publisher, no one to read the book ahead of time and provide criticism.  Naturally that leaves the doors open for a wide variety in the quality of indie published works.  There are some really good indie books.  There are also some really bad ones.  Fortunately, from my experience, there are a lot more good ones than poor ones.  Still, how do book buyers know the difference?  Reviews can help.  Bloggers too if they post honestly about books they’ve read.  Readers can look through social media for author readings to get a sample of an author’s work.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to learn about a book that fits reader interest.  The point is if you read an indie published work tell your friends what you thought of it, post reviews, let the world know.  Especially if you liked the book.  It can really help the author find an audience.

One other note, Shela has been on a great run this month selling more books than ever.  Being on sale for 99 cents certainly helped.  That sale only runs until the end of July so if you were thinking of buying an e-copy, now is the time.  Several readers have commented that they think it is even better than Shepherds.  Let me know what you think.

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