Last Airbender?

Despite the critics suggesting you steer clear of the movie “The Last Airbender,” I had to watch it anyway. I guess because the title intrigued me and my mind conjured an array of possibilities. Often I don’t agree with the critics so I watch a lot of movies that they advise not viewing. This time I should have listened. The general premise is really very innovative but the film makers just didn’t do much with it. The dialogue was poor, the acting marginal, and the plot and action jumped from scene to scene without seeming to accomplish anything. The one redeeming aspect was the creative special effects and the ways in which the “bending” was done. Maybe just for that one thing it is worth a look but, on the other hand, don’t expect the movie to wow you or end up on your favorites list. It simply isn’t that good. I love movies and it takes a lot to disappoint me. This one did.