Loganberry Books Open Mic

Last night, I ventured to Loganberry Books in Shaker Heights. It is a fabulous independent book seller with room after room of all kinds of books. It would be easy to spend hours wandering around in the store just looking and maybe dreaming of being able to read even a small fraction of what is there. However, last night, I didn’t get a chance to browse because I was there to participate in the Broadsides & Ephemera open mic for authors and performers. Being a first timer at this event, I wasn’t sure what to bring to read, so I took William Kent Krueger’s Northwest Angle and my own War Party. The group that showed up was lively and attentive to everyone who took a turn at the mic. When it was my turn, I introduced myself, told a little about the kinds of books I write and then read first from Northwest Angle (the same section I posted here a while back) and followed that with the opening from War Party. I think the readings went over well based on the fact that I had several questions about where the book was available and requests for a bookmark with my website on it. Thanks to the sponsor, Small Victories Press, a startup literary publisher. All in all it was a fun evening. I met some interesting people and talked briefly afterward with the people from Small Victories Press. I plan to do it again. The next session is Friday, September 27 beginning at 7 pm. Stop by and listen in or just browse through the bookstore.