Meeting with an author

ot long ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with an author who helped get me going on a better path to my own writing. K. A. Jordan was in Ashtabula for a charity book signing. This was especially relevant as her novel “Swallow the Moon” is set in Ashtabula. We met her at the book signing at the Ramada Inn Ashtabula and went to dinner at the Bascule Bridge Grill. If you are ever in the Ashtabula area I highly recommend this restaurant. We grabbed a high-top table near the back of the bar area where we could talk without too much competing noise and proceeded to have a great meal and some great conversation about writing, marketing, and life in general. And then the best part, K.A. showed us around the Ashtabula Bridge Street area. Her tour was reminiscent of the times she spent living there, including the seamy side of things. Of equal interest were the spots she used as models for locations in “Swallow the Moon.” We even went into one of the bars to see how it had changed since she’d live there. Being able to mentally reference real places can contribute to the spicy details that make any story come alive. Maybe she has some of that background on her website. You can find out by visiting http://katjordan.wordpress.com/ and checking it out.