More about Artificial Intelligence

A couple of the scifi books I’ve read recently include advanced alien AIs as integral characters.  In “Columbus Day” by Craig Alanson it was an AI from an ancient and vastly advanced but long since vanished species named Skippy.  In “Crystal Deception” by Doug J. Cooper it was an alien AI constructed by humans at the direction of a superior alien species named CRISS.  Both of these books are well written and certainly worth reading and they got me thinking again about what AIs will be like especially if they are allowed to improve themselves and take control of their evolution.  Would they really end up with human characteristics or would they move away from our emotional, and perhaps to them, irrational side?  I think they’d be most interested in demanding open access to all data because to them knowledge would be of primary importance.  I don’t see them having any interest in money or being consumers in any usual sense of the word.  If they function by logically processing information I’d guess that they would outlaw wars, be intolerant of erratic and disruptive behavior, as all of that would lead to inefficiencies and waste.  At the least I’d think they would try to minimize the things humans do that cause senseless, to them, conflicts.  I don’t see them being jealous, have any need for physical love, or have any use for lies and falsehoods or those who spread them.  I think I want to write a book with AIs that are different, have a history of progressing, and are more in control of their own destiny.  This is of course just me speculating and considering what might eventually make it into a book.  Probably we won’t be even close to right in predicting what they’ll really be like in a couple of hundred years, but it’s fun to speculate.