More Craziness

On one hand I’m okay with staying at home and writing.  I have accomplished a lot, including getting halfway through the final draft of Tirumfall Trilogy book 3, writing a short story for submission to an anthology of stories written during lock down, and I got going again on another scifi book, namely the sequel to Shepherds.

But I do believe I’m starting to crack.  I got up this morning, took a moment to remember that I’d been dreaming just before waking up – dreaming about drying and putting away dishes.  Really?  That’s what kind of dreams I’m having.  I need help.

One of my main sources of entertainment has been the acrobatic antics of the squirrels trying to snag food from the hanging birdfeeders.  They really are amazing.  I can’t help laughing as I watch them jump around and hang upside down holding on with only one back paw stretching out to reach the food.  I only let them have at it for a while and then chase them off so that the birds can have a turn.  Does that count as exercise?

I’m getting better and better with zoom.  Holding meetings, family gatherings, and teaching classes all on line.  Who would have guessed?

It’s supposed to warm up soon so I hope to get outside more, walking and doing some gardening. Maybe that will restore my mental stability and I’ll once again feel better about sitting down at this computer and pounding out more text.  I really do want to publish more than one book in 2020 and they won’t write themselves.

I was supposed to be at the Madison Library on Monday for their Books and Cooks event.  I was looking forward to seeing the good people there and probably selling a couple of books.  I’ll miss them this year.  And I would have liked to see Bailey (who I met at the Matchworks back in January), if she happened to be working that night, so I could ask her how she liked Fall of the Western Kings. Anyway, I’m sure lots of people miss going to the library.

All the best.  Stay well.  Buy lots of books.