My latest novel, “Bula Bridge” is coming to Bridge Street again

As mentioned here before, I had a couple of books at Carlisle’s on Bridge Street in Ashtabula, OH and they sold out right away.  I don’t know if anyone went there looking for a copy and was disappointed that they couldn’t get one, if so I’m sorry about that.  I had no idea the books would sell so fast.  Additional copies will be available at Carlisle’s beginning the afternoon of Friday, August 23. I can’t guarantee how long they will last.

If you want a copy with a personalized autograph I will be on Bridge Street that afternoon and would be happy to sign a copy for you.  If you don’t find me at Carlisle’s (I won’t actually be there long) you probably will find me at Harbor Perk.  Whether you are interested in the book or not, just drop by to say hi.