News Update Books, Books, Books 

If you are wondering what I’m doing and when will there be a new book, here’s an update.

The Galiwee Visions Series book 3 is at the editor.  She’s halfway done with it.  The cover is coming along nicely.  I think you’ll be impressed when I do the reveal.  As the book gets closer to a publication date, I’ll be looking for a few people willing to receive an ARC to read and review.

Work on the prequel fantasy trilogy continues.  First drafts are complete for books 1 and 2 and book 3 is taking shape.  There’s about 25k words down with a lot more to go.  I am making progress.

The script for War Party has been completely formatted and revisions will start soon.

Plus, I am working on a delightful fantasy short story about a girl who finds a magic stone.  The biggest problem for her is that the rightful owner wants it back.  Hmm, what will she do?

Here’s hoping everyone finds great books to read.

Until next time, stay well.