News Worth Knowing (Maybe)

First, a blatant plug.  Both ebooks in the #GaliweeVisionsSeries are on sale this month for 99 cents at numerous distribution sites, including Amazon (links below).  

Book 1: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BKMFNCM

Book 2: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QFS85PJ

In other news, the first draft of my next fantasy book is nearing completion.  It is the story of Koronus, the second son in a noble family who is not going to inherit anything and being weaker than most of his contemporaries, he is having a hard time adjusting to a life that shows no promise.  That is until he meets Fairwind who gives him a book that changes his life.  

What I have so far is still rough but at least soon the first draft will exist.

And I’m working on one more thing thanks to a challenge from Club Ink, a local writer’s group.  I am revisiting a FTL sci-fi novel I worked on several years ago and am determined to breathe new life into it.  I want a setting that’s more “futuristic” than what I’d envisioned originally.  I mean really, 200 years from now what will the technology be?  Any suggestions?

I hope you find some really good books to read and when you do, you’ll tell your friends.