Next Book: Bula Bridge

With the end of the sale for “War Party” and the Goodreads group read coming to an end, it’s time to get back to finishing up “Bula Bridge,” the next book with Tommy, Bert and Katrina.  I am working on a good name for the series since it appears that it will indeed become one.  Tommy’s Visions?  Tommy Galiwee Adventures?

Anyway, in the first book I had four main characters; Tommy, Bert, Katrina and Hamid.  All of them had a fair amount of material devoted to their character development above and beyond their actions that were integral to the plot. Part of the reason for that was that when I started writing the novel I wasn’t sure who the actual main (as in most interesting) character would be.  Even Hamid had a lot of description about who he was and how he felt about things.  He was a more empathetic villain than might be expected for a terrorist.

Now I’m working on building on that, especially for Tommy.  His life is moving forward, though he’s not sure where it is going, and his relationship with Johanna is becoming important.  Bert and Katrina are again part of the story but to a lesser extent and so their lives are not the focus that they were in book 1.  This time the villain is not very empathetic, though I hope readers will be able to understand why he is who he is and dislike him for the right reasons.  As always for me, it is the characters that make the story worth reading.  I hope I can provide interesting, captivating characters once again caught up in an adventure that keeps the pages turning.