Opening Night at the Cleveland International Film Festival

Last week I attended the opening night gala for the 38th Cleveland International Film Festival.  Coincidentally the opening night film was about a writer who is a sudden success and then gets stuck with writer’s block trying to finish the second book of her two book deal.  What could be more fitting?  Since I’ve never had the kind of success the main character had, I cannot really understand her feelings.  I do understand the writer’s block thing, been there, done that, hope to not do it again.  Anyone out there who writes who has never had times when the words just won’t go on paper, please tell me your secret.  Some days I think I have lots of words ready to go until I sit down to write and then somehow they’ve all escaped.  Wish I knew where they went.  Anyway, the film actually was fun to watch.  Scottish, by the way, titled “Not Another Happy Ending” and if you get a chance to see it do so.